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How do I keep my mind busy and positive during this pandemic?

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Many of us are searching for peace of mind nowadays as it is not an easy situation to be in.

Let me share with you how we may keep ourselves happy even during these trying times.

1. Watch your favourite Netflix movie or show.

When I say this, maybe it’s better to watch something that is encouraging or uplifting or funny to keep you entertained. A cute love story would also be nice if you want to relive the experience of falling in love again (or for the first time). These past 2 years, I have finished a lot of series and watch a number of movies. It’s a hit or miss sometimes but generally, I enjoy watching.

2. Eat something sweet.

This will help your mood to get better when you’re feeling lethargic, a slice of cake or a tub of

chocolate ice cream perhaps? And oh, don’t forget to top it with mini marshmallows and salted cashew nuts, they’re so good! Needless to say, we should do everything in moderation, but it doesn’t hurt to spoil yourself once in a while.

3. Spray your room with your favourite scent.

They say that when your brain recognises a smell, it will make you remember a person or a good memory. It is said that we normally associate scents with someone or something from our past or present (hopefully a good one). So, pick a scent an allow its fragrance to spread in your room.

4. Take a hot bath (ideally with bath salts) and have a full body massage.

This is 100% true and proven during these times when it’s difficult to fall asleep at some nights. Also, try putting 2 drops of lavender oil into your diffuser to keep your stress away. A relaxing hot bath will also allow you to free your mind and enjoy your ‘me-time’.

5. Write down in your journal the top 10 things that make you absolutely feel good.

Writing on its own is already a good outlet to express your feelings and emotions you otherwise find hard to share with others. What you write all depends on you. Your preference can be totally different from mine. So it always boils down to what you like, what makes you feel happy or what helps you relax.

6. Try baking!

Apart from allowing you to produce yummy foods, baking is known to assist in reducing stress. You can make some chocolate chip cookies or even fancy cupcakes. This will help improve your patience as well as allow yourself to keep busy by putting your mind into something interesting. I will start sharing some recipes as we go along but for now, start thinking of suitable ingredients that would satiate your palate.

7. Make paintings and develop craftsmanship.

There are DIY crafts materials which are now available in the market that will teach you to do different skills like candle making, cross stitching, embroidering or you can even make your own

painting by following the numbers. How awesome is that? It’s a very clever way to learn while actually completing it. I have tried the painting with numbers and the end-product is really nice. I have had a few friends asking if I would be happy to give it to them. I was so pleased because it meant that I had done something nice. I have been working on something new and I’m excited to share that with you soon, watch this space…

8. Learn a new skill.

This doesn’t have to be something that’s hard to do. It can be anything like cooking a new dish, planting citrus fruits or veggies, driving (if you don’t know yet) and what else? You may start thinking about something that interests you. Who knows, you might be surprised to discover an untapped skill you’ve always had in you.

9. Listen to your favourite music.

Out of all the things listed here, I think this is the most effective way to relieve stress and feel great, well as long as you choose the right music! Music helps set the mood so if you want to feel happy,

just get in the groove and have fun! As they say, music is the universal language and for me, it is indeed. This breaks barriers and is largely understood (and felt) by everyone, regardless of nationalities. It’s amazing how music affects us to the point that it’s even funny sometimes because when you listen to a sad song for instance, you tend to feel down too or relate to the song although you may be very happy at that time. Nevertheless, we all enjoy listening to music so create a few playlists and play them whenever you feel like it.

10. And lastly, give yourself a break, a Choco Break! Hmm, a hot chocolate break would be nice.


Check out some soothing nature sounds:

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Melai Torres
Melai Torres
29 jul 2022

I love the positivity vibe in this blog. Thanks for sharing! 😀

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