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How often do you travel? And what does it give you?

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

I had never regarded travel as one necessary thing to do until the time came when I needed to escape from my worries and just wanted to break free. Ever since my family and I moved to Australia, my perspective changed in a way, and it became a part of my lifestyle.

Travel makes you happy. It keeps your sanity and it gives you a sense of healing. It is also healthy to have a whole new level of leisure, getaway experience either alone or with someone. This will take you to places without having to meet work demands or think about household chores, for example.

You can imagine yourself working for 7-8 hours a day, wake up at 7 am, prepare for work, and if you have kids of course, parenting duties!👩‍👦Then after a full day of work, you are going home 🏡 with more tasks to do. Work just doesn't stop there, you have to feed the pets, clean your house, cook dinner, etc. This is your routine everyday. That's why we all need a perfect holiday some time within the year to refresh our minds.

We deserve a holiday that is meaningful, relaxing, and unforgettable. Because... why not?! I think the reason I've mentioned above is more than enough, isn't it? My friends from overseas would ask me when are we having our get-together again. They really miss our talks in the wee hours of the night and spending the day by just having a great time together. I miss them too.. if only we can get to see each other more often but it's not possible at the moment. It is very essential to have a little time break from everything and most of the time, friends are there to help you realise that hey, there's more to life! :)

It doesn't have to be reuniting with someone you know all the time, if you're the type of person who likes to visit a different place in your every travel. I really admire those people who can do it independently as they are strong and will-powered. For them, it can be really frustrating not to be able to travel as much now due to the pandemic because safety is more important. I just can imagine the satisfaction it gives a person every time he/she gets to visit a new country or place. The experience it gives you, may it be good or bad, will definitely influence the way you think as you gain more wisdom each time. Ultimately, I believe these lessons in life will make you become a better person.

Moreover, sometimes we get sad over the routine of our lives and we feel ungrateful. When we travel, we realise a lot of things. You'd suddenly notice the blessings that you have been receiving all the while, the food that you eat, the life that you live. Even the capability to travel by itself is already a reminder that you can and you have something to be grateful for.

I remember as a child, it was never my dream to ride the airplane or I didn't even pay attention to my loved ones leaving for, let's say, Hong Kong. My first flight was when I was 20 years old already. At that time, I didn't really like it. It was uncomfortable to sleep and I was getting impatient for the rest of the hours. I had this feeling of, are we there yet? But as the years passed, I started to like even the 'taking off' stage of flying, isn't it weird? Flying really changes a person in one way or another or it gives us something we discover about ourselves like what I have just said.

I don't really get to travel often during the year. Once or twice a year is enough for me. I just like something to look forward to and it gives me the motivation to work harder so that I may be able to reward myself with some good experiences and fun times ahead. I think travelling is so necessary in my life's journey along the way.

Who believes everything on earth is temporary? The material things, like money, cars, house, and other properties we are aiming to invest on. Yes, these are important for us to be successful and we also have a sense of security for our future. However, do they always make us happy? Maybe, not. On the other hand, travel can give you the best memories that will stay and last forever, the time you give for yourself is priceless.

Sometimes I ask myself this question in order for me to make a final decision. Where do I really want to go this time?

What does travel mean to you? Does it impact your life in a good way? What are your learnings? Do you always travel alone or with family? What do you prefer? Which countries do you want to visit? Have you been searching for flights for the past year? Are you planning to take an international or domestic flight? Is it one of your dream destinations?

We can think of answers to these questions when we have the time to reflect and finally have the moment for ourselves.

Deciding on where our next travel destination will be. ✈

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Melai Torres
Melai Torres
29 de jul. de 2022

Travelling gives me the time to pause and take a break from my normally busy life.

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