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How to lose weight fast effectively?

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

It is important to take care of our health because as we all know, health is wealth. There is nothing more precious now than having good health. I have realised most especially in the last two years of the pandemic that we should try to make an effort to have a healthy mind and body. This happens from looking after yourself by eating healthily, thinking positively and drinking lots of fluid.

I never tracked the amount of water I had taken every day until I experienced migraine and dehydration. I learned that our bodies needed our conscious efforts to maintain healthy weight. It wouldn't be very easy, though. Initially, you may be discouraged but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to achieve great results. In the end, you will have a fit and strong body. It is exciting, isn’t it?

The best way to kick-start is to eat in moderation. This is widely known to us already and I believe

that you don't really have to deprive yourself by eating too little when you want to lose weight because if you do it, it will only ruin your digestive system. As the body will be used to not having food so there is nothing to be digested anyway. On the other hand, if you eat in moderation there is still enough supply of nutrition and your food intake is within the right proportion so it will not cause abrupt change or sudden fluctuation in your weight.

Another way to lose weight effectively is by working out. I know many of us are too lazy to do exercise everyday and some even make excuses saying that they will do exercise at least three times a week but it doesn't really happen. This is for the reason that you don't have any motivation

to do it or you are just not happy doing it. As a suggestion, there are a lot of exercises we can do, not only kickboxing, not only running but there are dancing, aerobics, biking, walking, etc. You can find something that you really enjoy doing. When I was younger, I used to dance and walk on the treadmill for one hour. If this is done more regularly, it will most likely become a lifestyle in the long run. You will be able to sustain it and make it a part of your daily living. However, this comes with great determination, wise time management and strict discipline. They say it's 80% diet and 20% exercise - this means you can’t depend solely on exercise, it will not do magic if you still binge-eat your way through. It has to be balanced.

We can also do the detoxification process. Green tea has antioxidant properties, it aids in speeding up metabolism. Hot tea also cleanses and detoxifies our bodies. If you go online, you will find suppliers of herbal teas which are organic, made out of real loose leaves and they are all natural. You can also purchase a pack of 30-day detox programs to guide you for the first 30 days of dieting and please make sure to do it as recommended. There is also a type of detoxification called intermittent fasting which is a set schedule of eating and fasting. This actually gives your

body the chance to cope with the hours that you don't eat at all. The most popular one for a beginner is the 16:8 intermittent fasting where you have to fast for 16 hours and allot 8 hours of eating anything you want. This is not a calorie-restricted diet because you can still eat all the foods that you want within those 8 hours. This is a very good option for someone who would like to have a jumpstart for their weight loss plan in order for the body to get used to eating healthier and getting more disciplined.

We would like to have a good future ahead of us. For some, they want to finish their studies first. Some would like to have a family of their own, to be successful in their careers, to have children and to be able to raise them well. In saying this, we all need a healthy body to do all our dreams but how do we do it? It starts with us. If we don't help ourselves then it will be impossible for us to achieve what we want in life. We have to start thinking truthfully about it and to be more conscious of what we eat, what we drink. Basically, what we swallow and nourish our bodies with. As I

have said before, it is okay to have alcohol, to have desserts, but just know your limits. I am sure many of us are struggling with their weight and I can attest to that. Yes, I am also very much a foodie and I really love eating. I love ordering from restaurants. I even have apps to order my food. Nowadays, it is very easy to access food delivery so I can't blame you for being tempted to eat even if you are not really hungry. For instance, if I crave for some sugary drinks like milk tea which is quite popular now, I have the convenience of just ordering it online through my app and getting it delivered straight to my door. How convenient! However, I believe that we all have the power to control our food intake for our own health and general wellbeing.

In order to achieve effective and fast weight loss, you have to be ready and decide that you really want it done for yourself. Actually, right now is the perfect time for us to do a lifestyle change since we have just started the year and obviously, we all want a healthier body, right? Don't we all? Personally, I have been saying the same New Year's resolution every time and I just didn't take it seriously but now I am quite determined to achieve my goals. This is not just about looking good externally but more on how I feel inside. After all, real beauty comes from within. We all want quality of life, to have restful sleep every night, to be strong both physically and mentally, and to live longer. 🧡

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