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Let's Always Be Grateful

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Gratitude is a very important factor to feel happier especially when we experience challenges in life. It’s worth trying to keep our minds at peace.

Actually, there are a lot of things you may work on to develop a grateful heart and spirit.

Here are some of them:

1. Exercise your mind with good thoughts. You can always think about good and happy memories, the little or big things that make you grateful. For example, your family and friends that have been there for you through all the times or maybe your most embarrassing but funny experience that

makes you smile each time you remember it. I always say, there’s always something to be thankful for, be it the simplest thing or the biggest milestone in our lives. Waking up in the morning is already a blessing. This pandemic has brought me back to the basic. Be thankful for the air we breathe, clothes we wear, food we eat, water we drink, house we live in then without realising, your list will go on and on and on.

2. Write down what makes you grateful.

Give yourself some time to reflect on everything that you have which makes you feel happy. If we tend to look at other people’s successes or life goals and end up comparing those with your own, this is not healthy for you. You should focus on your own path and blessings, be grateful about them. Everyone is unique and it follows that everyone has unique paths too. Try to keep a journal to immortalise milestones and memories.

3. Bring the life lessons along with you.

Remember, nobody is perfect and there will never be a perfect life. It’s impossible not to commit

mistakes but what’s important is standing back up and coming out stronger than ever after every storm. Try to make it a point to learn from every experience and it will surely give you a better disposition when you need it. Do not let your past and failures define you as you can always strive to be the better version of yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself as chances are given for a reason. Make the most out of every opportunity presented to us and focus on pleasing God instead of men. We are all work-in-progress so enjoy the journey.

4. Have a quiet time and pray. I think this is the most effective way to ease your worries. When we pray, there’s a sense of comfort and it makes us feel grateful for the life that we have now. Praying is a way of communing with our Lord so don’t hesitate to voice out everything that’s in your heart.

5. Own something or surround yourself with bright colours. Brighten up your day with anything, a bag, a poster, stickers, your journal, whatever it is that suits your fancy! This will create a room of positivity and light up your mood.

6. Appreciate your family and friends.

You can show your appreciation by giving them even just a little bit of your time or by checking on them once in a while. It will also help you emotionally and psychologically. I agree in the saying that no man is an island but one of my learnings this pandemic is that you don’t need a lot. Having few good and sincere friends is better than having everyone but really having no one.

7. You haven’t done it all without the help of others or someone. There’s a saying, "give credit where credit is due.” It’s not hard to give a compliment to someone who has really helped you in your journey and has helped to make you who you are today. These people ought to be

acknowledged and appreciated. It doesn’t make you less of a person to recognise that you needed help and received it at certain points in your life. This is humbling and will definitely develop a grateful heart.

8. Always say "thank you."

Humility goes a long way and saying ‘thank you” is a sure sign of being humble. For me, entitlement is the opposite of this. Sadly, some people feel entitled to whatever good gestures that are extended to them that they forget to appreciate the people around them. Start with the notion that we are not above others then go from there. The one thing that keeps me grounded is the truth

that I’m nothing without God. I am undeserving of the kind of love that God gives me, but He still gives it just the same. That alone makes me ponder, who am I to deserve this? Thus, if we choose to step back and remind ourselves that fact, saying “thank you” and actually meaning it will just be second nature to us.

9. Make it a habit. If you try harder to apply these tips and get used to them, it’s easier for you to be more positive and create a meaningful life. Make it a habit, a lifestyle, until the time comes that you have built a newly improved character.

10. Being grateful will bring out the best in you.

Everyone will notice the change and the aura you’ll exude. The more grateful your heart and mind are, the more glowing you will become.

Remember, there's always a reason to smile and be grateful.

Copyright, Choco Break. All rights reserved.

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1 Comment

Melai Torres
Melai Torres
Jul 29, 2022

Yes, it's important to be grateful and practice it every now and then.

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