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Let's talk about food!

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

00If you don’t have the time to cook and you’re feeling like having foods delivered to your home, it's the perfect time! Let’s talk about it now.

Home cooked meals are still the best but the checklist below is only a few that you might want to consider when ordering from your favourite restaurant. This is based on the most common types of cuisines available globally.

ü From Korean series to K-pop, who doesn’t want to have Korean bbq or samgyeopsal? This has

been the top choice in this generation. Cooking the meat by yourself, to be transferred hot and fresh into your plate while having conversation with your family and friends is just superb.

ü Italian food for pasta cravings. Which one do you prefer, Spaghetti Bolognese or Fettuccini Carbonara? Either one will surely satisfy your taste buds. Garlic bread, pizza and chicken wings go well with pasta.

ü Fast food – having American classic cheeseburger meal - fast, easy and tasty! A staple choice for people who have busy schedules and when convenience is a priority.

ü Thai food. Green Curry chicken with coconut rice, or Pad Thai with prawns perhaps? You can have both rice dishes and noodles. The taste is very authentic, not to mention having Thai milk tea that blends well with any of your choice.

ü Japanese food. Yes, ramen is really good! Although, their bento dishes are quite popular too. Everything in one bento for a single price you pay so why not? They have prawn and vegetable tempura, chicken teriyaki, pork tonkatsu… name it! Salmon sashimi on the side is just automatic.

ü Vietnamese food. Mostly are rice dishes and noodles, they come with so many kinds. They’re famous for their Ph and also their bánh mì is a must-try. If you want something which have big servings and if you’re really hungry, I think this is the go-to place.

ü Malaysian. Beef rendang, wasabi prawns and beef brisket to name a few of what they offer. You can never go wrong. They also have homemade iced lemon tea and coconut juice. This is a very nice option too, very filling and oh so yummy!

ü Chinese. Would you like fried rice alongside honey chicken and sweet & sour pork? I’m sure you do. For best experience, you may want to try their yum cha where you will find all sorts of steamed dumplings and colourful jelly desserts.

ü Finally, how about trying out what Australians are well-known for, their very own steak! I personally prefer Scotch fillet but it’s totally up to you which steak cut, type of sauce and sides you’d like with it. It’s amazing!

ü This list can go on and on. There are still more types of cuisines we have to try and discover out there. This is only a guide to have an idea how to satisfy our cravings.

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Melai Torres
Melai Torres
29 jul 2022

Superb food ideas.

Me gusta
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