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Refreshing fruit drinks made out of juicy lemons.

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Nothing is more thirst quenching than having an iced cold lemon tea or lemonade. As summer is fast approaching in Australia, might as well, prepare and stock up on lemons in your kitchen. This serves as a refreshing vibe, sets the place smelling fresh, and having lemons around can actually

affect your mood. They are yellow in colour which have a vibrant look and you just can't help but give a glance at them. Lemon zest has useful properties and it is also good for cooking.

I have also read somewhere that smelling a lemon peel can prevent colds and it helps the immunity. I know three kinds of lemons, they are Eureka, Lisbon, and Meyer. I think I have tried all of them and I can say that Meyer is the least acidic and has the sweetest taste among the three. For my love of lemons, I bought a grafted Meyer lemon tree and planted it in our very own garden. I am hoping that one day, it will bear many fruits and be a healthy plant.

It is very convenient once the plant starts to have fruits so that we can just take one from the tree every time we need it. Very handy, isn't it? It is organic and most of all, it will help with detoxification of our bodies. As time passes, alcohol and caffeine are no longer your best friends to keep up with life's demands but what you are craving more now is to drink organic juices which you can make by just harvesting lemons or other fruits from your own backyard. How cool is that? It will be your great help in maintaining a healthy weight and you will be feeling good about yourself too.

Of course, there are disadvantages of having too much lemons. These are not advisable for people who are always experiencing gastric acid reflux, and it can affect the teeth in the long run, as well. The important key here is moderation, the same rule applies to other foods or medicines that we are taking for our overall well-being.

Generally speaking, it will suffice our need for fluid and replenishing electrolytes after a whole day

of work. For athletes, having to drink water is very essential to keep moving and stay focused. As we all know, lemon water is best taken in the morning to eliminate bad toxins in the body and it is a good way to start the day feeling hydrated.

These are just two lemonade recipes you can try at home, at work or everywhere else you go. As long as, you have the simplest ingredients, you are all set to make a good lemonade!

Some people are trying to avoid sodas, and I think this is an effective way to do it by using sparkling water instead, the fizz is still there without consuming sugary, high-calorie drinks.

By just looking at these satisfying drinks right now, it makes me look forward to the coming days -- drinking lemonade, served fresh and chilled for us to enjoy!

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Melai Torres
Melai Torres
Jul 29, 2022

I will try to make these drinks made out of lemons which I love.

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