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Where to go in Seoul for 4 days?

Updated: Jul 2

"hello" in Korean is "안녕하세요" (annyeonghaseyo)!

If you want to explore Seoul in a different way, we have put together a 4-day itinerary for South Korea that focuses on lesser-known spots and local experiences:

As you travel, enjoy every moment, place, the scenery, food and the culture. Always try to learn something new and be joyful for a new day.

Day 1: Explore Local Markets and Neighbourhoods

Morning: Visit Gwangjang Market. Enjoy traditional Korean street food like bindaetteok (mung bean pancakes) and mayak kimbap (mini seaweed rice rolls).

Late Morning: Ikseon-dong Hanok Village. Wander through this charming neighbourhood filled with boutique shops, cafes, and traditional Korean houses.

Afternoon: Seochon Village. Explore this historical area with art galleries, indie bookstores, and quaint cafes.

Evening: Dinner in Tongin Market. Use traditional coins to buy various dishes from the market stalls and enjoy a unique dining experience in the communal eating area.

Day 2: Cultural and Historical Experiences

Morning: Visit the Seoul Museum of History. Learn about Seoul’s past through its engaging exhibits.

Late Morning: Seonyudo Park. Relax in this eco-friendly park located on an island in the Han River, featuring beautiful gardens and walking paths.

Afternoon: Hongdae Free Market. Browse through handcrafted goods and artwork by local artists.

Evening: Explore Hapjeong and Sangsu Areas. Discover indie music venues, cozy cafes, and unique shops in these hip neighbourhoods.

Day 3: Nature and Relaxation

Morning: Hike at Bukhansan National Park. Take a less crowded trail like the Baegundae Peak route for stunning views.

Late Morning: Visit the Seoul Iris Garden. Enjoy the serene atmosphere and beautiful irises, especially if you visit in late spring or early summer.

Afternoon: Seoul Forest. Explore this large urban park with deer, butterfly conservatories, and art installations.

Evening: Cheonggyecheon Stream. Stroll along this peaceful stream that runs through downtown Seoul and is beautifully lit up at night.

Day 4: Local Arts and Crafts

Morning: Korean Furniture Museum. Tour this hidden gem with a collection of traditional Korean furniture and beautiful hanok architecture.

Late Morning: Ihwa Mural Village. Explore this colourful neighbourhood adorned with murals and street art.

Afternoon: Bukchon Traditional Craft Experience Centre. Participate in a hands-on workshop to make traditional Korean crafts such as hanji (Korean paper) or ceramics.

Evening: Dinner in a Hidden Hanok Restaurant. Enjoy a traditional Korean meal in a hidden hanok restaurant for a special dining experience.

This itinerary focuses on local culture, hidden gems, and unique experiences, giving you a different perspective of Seoul beyond the typical tourist attractions.

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