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15 Fabulous party ideas to do! 😃

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

We all want a birthday that is memorable and fun but it can be really daunting to plan an event which is organised for many guests because you want them to have a good time and to make sure that everything will turn out successfully. So I thought of listing some of the party ideas or concepts that you can do when planning a birthday event for yourself, your family or some friends. Also, this is not only limited to a birthday, it can be any occasion like an engagement party, baby shower party or house-warming party. Nowadays even if you are not a professional event planner, you will be able to achieve it by having DIY materials. It is possible to create your very own fascinating themed-party according to you or the host’s liking. It is actually very exciting to do, very fulfilling and of course you are creating memories to last forever. 💟

1. Book a resort reservation.

This would be really fun. A resort has always been a crowd’s favourite to spend time together. Most of the resorts now have complete amenities like swimming pool, billiards and in-house restaurants anyone can enjoy right inside the resort place. What you pay for is definitely worth it.

2. Book a hotel room.

I guess this is for small family gatherings or a limited number of people only because of how expensive it is going to be when you book more than one room or a larger room to accommodate everyone, so it is not always a good idea for a bigger group. Not unless you have the budget to spend on this kind of party then it is very much possible to organise one. Nonetheless, this will definitely be a luxurious, fabulous event to have and of course, the hotel vibe that goes along with your celebration is really posh.

3. Have a staycation or long drive.

Wherever you are, you will be able to find great deals for hotels or short staycation out of town or

even in the city itself which will give you a nice environment to have your party, away from your house or from the usual nearby places you go to. Moreover, this is quite a good way to have a time break from work and just put your mind at ease. You can focus more on the event and your guests. Also, driving can be a therapy too, making everyone excited for the journey and looking forward to some adventure ahead.

4. Set a date for a dinner out.

This is quite a normal way to celebrate but still very classic and intimate. You can have it with your

family and friends. To set the date more organised, make sure to call the restaurant for a pre-booking quoting the number of invited guests. This will help you to stick to your party plans and set your budget too.

5. Invite your friends at home.

This is a great way to have your party. At the convenience of your very own home, you don't have to pay for accommodation or venue, that's for one. Secondly, you can organise the theme quite flexibly, by hiring food carts, catering services and other related fun activities to do. Thirdly, there are Do-It-Yourself (DIY) crafts you can buy online and do it the way you like it including the design and colour scheme of your party.

6. Watch a movie together.

It depends whether you have a big home theatre or you decide to go out to the cinemas to watch

the movie. This can be pricey if you do the latter but if everyone is willing to pay for their own tickets then that would be fine. The movie must be very entertaining for all your guests, and will definitely give them good memories of the party.

7. Plan out something exciting like driving Go Karts.

We tried Go karts in one of my birthday parties, and it was so fun! All of us had a great time together. This is both a sport and event. The racing competition will add excitement to the fun and a healthy sportsmanship will also be exercised.

8. Swimming party!

I organised a swimming party with my friends five years ago and I felt really wonderful to have

done something like this. I could see all my friends enjoying, drinking, eating, talking to each other and bonding inside our cottage. While we were also having swimming, everyone was just having a good time. Swimming party does not fade out of style. This is a classic way to celebrate a birthday or any type of themed party you are going to organise. The venue itself will give you good vibes and a lively environment to be in. It is totally exciting for everyone.

9. Organise an artsy activity like pottery making.

Nowadays, it has been a trend to have a do-it-yourself party kind of thing. Of course, artists and all creative people would love or relate to any kind of artsy activity and they really enjoy being invited into doing crafts or painting, for example. Personally, I am not a very creative person but I have learnt that I didn't really need to be an expert in arts to be able to create a candle or a plant pot because I could learn anything by just putting my heart into it. Just do the best you can as it is quite fulfilling to try a party that is unique, artsy, creative and trendy for all the guests.

10. Catch up together in a winery.

In Australia, we found a very nice winery down in the south east part. It was quite a drive from the city but all worth it in the end. It was quite a big winery with all their local products displayed on

the shelves and some wine tasting. They also had a restaurant in the vicinity where you could order sumptuous steak and their best-selling red wine along with it. Our friends from Singapore really enjoyed the time with us, it was really a great idea to go there and tour them around. They even asked us to come back to the winery when they visit Australia again. In my own experience, I find parties in a Winery very intimate to dine in and at the same time, it is worthwhile with an awesome scenery to be spending with the people you love and care for. ❤

11. Book a Karaoke room.

I think most of the countries have this type of room where you can book for a number of guests to sing Karaoke. Everyone will have a turn in singing their favourite song while the rest of the guests

will sing along and this is when the fun part starts. There is even a Karaoke place where you can go singing while on the stage like a real singer does with a vintage adjustable microphone and disco lights that serve as a prop which makes you feel uncomfortable at first because it is sitting right in the middle of the room. Additionally, if you are not confident in singing then you may find it quite overwhelming. However, this is something that makes you go out of your comfort zone and just have fun with your family and friends, right? It is so much fun and alive! 🎤🎶

12. Travel abroad. ✈

This is a common way of celebrating an occasion or an event in your life that is very sentimental to

you. It only takes quite a handful of decision-making as to which country you would like to go for travelling and booking on flights. As long as you are ready with your budget and how much it may cost you when you reach your destination, then it is not a problem. Some people really like flying, jetsetters as they say. This does not happen on a daily or weekly basis so make the most out of your vacation away from home and just enjoy the culture of the other countries you are visiting.

13. Bowling party!

Some of the people are more athletic than the others. This means physical activity would be a great

idea in organising a party. In this instance, I am thinking of bowling with friends. When you organise a bowling party, it has to be pre-booked with a number of guests ready and make sure to inform them of what they need to bring just in case they do not have socks when wearing their bowling shoes. This is a perfect way to have a party that is both sporty and fun to do. This has always been our favourite sport, especially when having it with family and friends.

14. Rent an event place and hire food carts.

This is perfect for a themed party. You can tweak it the way you want it to look according to the theme of the event you would like to achieve, may it be a children's party or a 50th birthday party. In this way, you have the entire place rented out for all your guests while being surrounded by food carts. Isn't it an awesome way of having a party? I have always wanted a customised party planned out for my son. I will definitely fulfil this dream someday. 💙

15. Costume party!

Similar to the above, a costume party is also a type of themed party. We dress up the same way

most of the time so why not try something different when celebrating an occasion. All of your guests will be thrilled to know which character they will be portraying or wearing a costume of. This kind of celebration is cool and fun for all ages.

Or how about a mix of 2 options or more? Wouldn't it be more exciting? Just remember, always have a choco break whenever possible.

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