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Top 10 ideas to create a tranquil atmosphere in your home. 🏠

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

1. Give yourself a warm bath.

This helps in easing your mind and body to prepare for bed or relaxation. It (warm bath) enables

you to calm yourself down and relax your muscles. The body will feel nourished with the benefits and goodness of bath salts and bubble bath. You will definitely feel refreshed after having a warm bath.

2. Adjust the lights in your bedroom.

Personally, I prefer having dimmed lights over bright lights because this affects my eyes and mind to

put myself into the relaxed state. Brightness of lights contributes to having difficulty in getting enough rest for your eyes. As a consequence, you are not able to sleep properly or may sleep later than usual which may cause insomnia in the end. It is hard to fight insomnia and you wouldn't want to depend on medications to sleep better.

3. Listen to feel-good music.

It depends on which type of music you would like to help you create an ambience of solitude. It may be a romantic love song or a slow jam. Some prefer classical music to ease their minds. Music is most essential to our senses. As you listen to music, it gives you an instant welcoming vibe of feeling nice. It is very helpful to boost your mood.

4. Connect yourself with nature.

I know this sounds clichè, but it is so true that nature gives us a relaxing feeling through inhaling the

fresh air or enjoying the scenery of green leafy tall trees, organic plants and flower blossoms. 🌸 It is good to simply be away from the city's hustle and bustle. This can be done by just going to the nearest park from your home to do brisk walking and get your body moving.

5. Drink water, hot chocolate, tea, or coffee.

As soon as you wake up, I am sure you will need something to warm up your body. By drinking a cup of hot chocolate, you are filling your body with its sweet aroma and taste. Many people like coffee which energises or stimulates the mind and body. They are both nice to drink to start an

awesome day.

However, purified water is still the best drink to replenish the lost electrolytes in your system and the best hydrator amongst the others while hot tea will help detoxify unwanted impurities accumulated inside the body.

6. Try to practise mindfulness.

You can achieve peace by getting your mind busy with something you enjoy doing like drawing,

cross-stitching, making embroidery, painting, or any other artsy activity you can do to help your mind stay away from stressors around you. I make it a habit to do this practice in my spare time because it gives me the opportunity to detach myself from my busy working schedule and do something productive aside from meeting the demands of my job role's tasks professionally.

7. Create a spa-like environment for your bathroom.

This is very much achievable at the convenience of your own home. My sister and I love going to spas and booking for massage. I learned to observe, have a look around of what they have inside the spa place and then I buy the similar products for personal use. It is not only saving me lots of

money but it is also very handy to have it in my own bathroom. Have the bathtub ready by dissolving bath salts, infusing it with essential oils and floating flower petals on water to create a relaxing haven.

You can also try lighting up scented candles for your bathroom to set a mood of tranquillity and an inviting smell to your senses.

8. Reserve a time for beauty rest.

This is an essential way of feeling good about yourself. It is time to give yourself a break from your normal routine and take the time to focus on your own needs. What you are feeling inside will be released or seen on the outside. You can treat yourself with a more soothing skincare regime, to gently exfoliate and make sure to apply moisturiser on your skin. There will be regeneration of skin cells leaving your skin feeling extra soft and smooth.

9. Nourish your mind with some positive thoughts.

You can always read an inspirational book, a lifestyle magazine or watch your favourite

motivational speaker online. Some opt to listen to relevant podcasts. We have plenty of options out there which we can do to feel grateful. The world is complicated enough already for us to focus our attention on sad and discouraging thoughts, right? Let us all practise optimism for our mental health and spread love over hate.

10. Stop overthinking!

Keep your mind busy by not stressing it way too much. Instead, feed it with encouragement and positivity. Worrying is when you take matters in your hands and it will only make you feel anxious and depressed most of the time. Overthinking destroys your inner peace. As a result, you will tend to worry about everything and may feel the need to control it all in your head. This causes unnecessary bad stressors within you. Perhaps, you can try to let go and let God. It will start easing your mind and the rest of your body follows. ✅


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