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Tips on how to fall asleep faster every night.

Updated: Aug 5, 2022


Some of us are experiencing insomnia. This is a condition where it is difficult for someone to fall asleep during bedtime.

Have you experienced battling with insomnia yourself? When you just can't sleep and you're getting restless? You don't have to worry any longer because I have suggestions for you to be able to sleep properly during the night. For someone who has a sleeping problem, it is important to address the issue before it leads to a more serious health complication.

Here are some ways which you can do to ease your mind and go to sleep like a child.🧸

1. Exercise regularly but not before bedtime.

You can try this tip by getting up early in the morning to do some exercises like Aerobics or Zumba. Working out will boost your happy hormones and you will have a grateful heart for the new day. You are excited and off to a good start of the day. On the contrary, working out 2 hours or less before you go to bed makes it harder for someone to fall asleep faster.

2. Drink hot chocolate. A Choco Break, rather!

Try to avoid caffeine and drink hot chocolate, instead. Too much coffee stimulates the body and it is harder to fall asleep, while chocolate doesn't affect your sleep cycle. You will have a deeper sleep when you don't drink coffee at night.

3. Drink lots of water.

It will be beneficial for the body to drink more water than alcohol, for example. When the body is hydrated, it feels good. During the night, it is easier to fall asleep because the body is prepared to have a relaxing time after a busy day.

4. Avoid eating heavy meals for dinner.

Having a light meal will help your body process the food properly, most especially, in the evening when you're not as active as you are during the day. Heavy meals can make you feel uneasy and it will be harder to get the body's momentum to prepare for sleeping. This may cause indigestion or gastric acid reflux which either makes you uncomfortable when trying to sleep.

5. Switch off your phone or put it in silent mode.

This is really effective based on my experience. Phone lighting and browsing through your phone whilst on bed will keep your eyes fully open and your mind still active. They will function as if you are not preparing to sleep so it will be harder to put your mood on sleepy mode. Moreover, when you receive a message from someone overseas, you may end up talking to the person until the wee hours in the morning, unnecessarily. Please put that smartphone away for a resftul sleep! 🙂

6. Make sure your room is dimmed enough by turning off the lights.

This will help to condition yourself that it needs to relax at this time. By switching off the lights, it will be easier to fall asleep, as opposed to leaving the lights on where you still sense the brightness of the lights. Having bright lights on is not conducive to sleeping so make sure that you have set the mood of your bedroom already.

7. Turn on the air-conditioner.

Based on my experience, this is really effective when I try to fall asleep every night regardless of the weather (except for Winter). Air-conditioning the room makes it feel nice and calm. It sets an uninterrupted ambience of relaxation. This will also help your body find its comfort by having a good ventilation and a cool room temperature.

8. Practice to ease your mind.

You must practise not to hold grudge against anyone, to pacify yourself from being angry or upset, and to let go of things that are out of your control. This will stop your mind from overthinking and remaining wide awake. Our feelings and emotions, especially negative thoughts, can affect our sleeping pattern greatly. Let's free our mind of anything when it's sleeping time.

9. Help the body to relax.

Just think of good thoughts while lying down on your bed. Be positive, and just try not to think at all. This will help your mind and body to relax by just releasing all the stress out. You can also try listening to rain sounds or beach waves, just like these links below. ⬇️

10. Don't force yourself if you're really struggling to sleep at this hour.

When all the suggested tips here still don't work for you, then you don't really have to force yourself to sleep. You can still try for the next hour or so, though. But if you think more about it, you will just end up not sleeping at all. By just letting go, the next thing to happen is you already asleep sooner than you think. 💤


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Melai Torres
Melai Torres
29 lug 2022

These are to-do when my insomnia strikes.

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