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How to make 'Pastillas de leche' lollies for dessert?

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

If you would like to have something sweet and citrusy at the same time, then these are just perfect to make at home. Not only they are very easy to do but it's no time consuming at all. I learned these recipes back in the day, when I was in primary school during my cooking class. I was too scared to try to make something for myself or for my family because my grandmother used to cook for us and she set the standards way too high. But time had gone by and I realised she'd gone old and I had no one to depend on but myself. So by making these treats, it has allowed me to discover skills that I never thought I had.

Growing up and now that I'm getting older, I became a lover of lemons even more. I'd loved citrus fruits ever since I was younger but now, I can do almost everything with it. From this fruit, you can have cleaning sprays, essential oils, room spray mists, food and desserts like shortbread cookies, tarts and chiffon cakes, there are just too many you can do with lemons. It's really useful!

What we will be making today is called 'Pastillas'. Okay, let me give you a brief background on what the name means. According to Wikipedia, Pastillas, also known as pastillas de leche or pastiyema, refer to a type of milk-based confections that originated in the town of San Miguel in Bulacan, Philippines. From San Miguel, pastillas-making spread to other Philippine provinces such as Cagayan and Masbate.

I have created a step-by-step guide (please see the photo layout below) on how to do these dairy confections with a hint of citrus fruit, lemon, soft and milky lollies that melt in your mouth. Yummy!

The best thing about this is you can tweak it a little bit, depending on your taste and how citrusy (sour) or creamy it will become, it's totally up to you. There is no right or wrong.

You may also be creative with your packaging and make it very appealing to grab. It will surely captivate one's attention. Starting up a new business isn't a bad idea either. I know some friends who are selling these lollies and they make quite a profit out of it.

So why not try and follow the recipe guide yourself? It will definitely satisfy your taste buds and also having a treat like this for yourself, family and friends, is well-deserved, most especially that we're almost approaching the Christmas season. We can make this a part of our Holiday Cheer and share the love with everyone around us. Small or big thoughts really count these days, and all the efforts are very much appreciated.

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Melai Torres
Melai Torres
29 jul 2022

It brings back childhood memories.

Me gusta
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